F-Matic’s packaging capabilities feature induction cap sealing, conduction sealing, heat sealing, as well as vertical and horizontal bag sealing. Whatever the product, F-Matic can ensure that it is properly packaged and sealed for safety and product integrity.

  • Induction sealing is a widely accepted leak preventing technology and complies with the stringent requirements of leading shipping and distribution channels around the world. Our cap sealers create hermetic seals that prevent leaks, preserve freshness and provide tamper evidence.
  • Conduction sealing is a cost-effective solution for packaging products of all kinds and applying tamper-evident membranes over plastic, paper, metal and glass containers.
  • Horizontal and vertical bag sealing options are also available. Whether you’re looking to package food, medical equipment, or nutraceuticals, F-Matic will find a solution to meet your needs.