OmniGuard urinal cleaner and deodorizer

OmniGuard Urinal Cleaner and Descaler

The OmniGuard Urinal Cleaner, Deodorizer, & Descaler is the ultimate worry-free urinal cleaner. Its powerful cleaner attacks odors at their source, removing years of build-up and preventing new build-up from forming; preventing costly plumbing bills. The OmniGuard also eliminates odors directly around the urinal, improving the overall perception of cleanliness in a commercial restroom. ItsĀ eco-friendly, recycled refill fits most urinals, takes only seconds to install, requires no tools or restroom modifications, and is completely paradichlorobenzene-free. Save labor, save time, save money and enhance the image of all your mens’ restrooms with OmniGuard!

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